Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's ALL about the Denim!

So as you all know it's back to school time which means DANCES! Yep I've already attended TWO back to school dances. Well since shorts were out of the question and I really didn't want to wear a dress I opted for jeans. In the past I've only worn the "boyfriend cut" jeans. Well when I went into my local Torrid the store manager suggested I try on the "skinny jeans"! I started laughing I'm like ok yeah right! BUT GUESS WHAT! I did I tried them on and guess what they looked freakin AWESOME on me! Here are some of the qualities that sold me on the jeans:

A. SO many different colors to choose from!

B. They were NOT low riders (I do not have the body type for that mess)

C. They came in array of lengths! Extra Short, Short, average, tall and EXTRA TALL!

D. They fit just right in all the right places!

Honestly, what sold me on the jeans was "C" the array of lengths. I am a shortie so whenever I buy something new I ALWAYS have to have it altered.....but I mean when the dance starts in 3 hours do you think I have time to alter my jeans?!? Ummm NO! SO I went with the extra short and they were prefect. It felt good to put on a pair of jeans that fit right and that I did not have to cut the bottom off for them NOT to drag the floor. All I can tell you divas is when you go shopping go with an open mind. If the store manager would have never told me just to try them honestly I NEVER would have.

Have fun at all your upcoming events and holidays!

OHHHHH also check out Torrid's Halloween Costumes! You don't want to wait to the last minuet for that kinda stuff!



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